Installation instructions

A theme in WordPress is the design and functional layer that sits on top of the WordPress content management system. If you’ve used WordPress, you’re already up to speed. Simply install the theme (with or without Contact Sheet image plug-in).

Step 1: Download the theme for free

Download a zipped version of the theme with the Contact Sheet plug-in (for image handling), or fork/download the theme from Github.


Step 2: Install on a Web server, upload theme

If you don’t have a hosting account (Dreamhost, school server, etc.), nab a domain name and a shared hosting account. Most hosting services have one-click installations for WordPress and automatic updates. Upload the theme and plug-in as .zip files.

Step 3: Add users

circle_fade1Add yourself, your TA, and your students as users. Have all users set up a Gravatar, bio and URL
More on Gravatars

Step 4: Change your Discussion Settings

Be sure to limit discussions to registered users. This way, you won’t have to worry about comment spam. It also encourages your class to be logged in, which encourages more activity.


Step 5: Add posts and categories

Add an Outline and an Assignments category to be parent categories for your curriculum. Add other magic categories as you add content.
More on magic categories

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